Build your own Diagnostic Diesel Laptop for Trucks , Engines, Heavy Construction machines & Vehicles.


TEAMVIEWER tool is totally secured as it uses full encryption and access protection, Also each session requires random unique ID and password and you shall announce us by yourself to start support so you would be sure that nobody can access your device without your permission. Encrypting the session ensures that no third parties are able to read the data that is transmitted. For more information about Teamviewer tool go to this link www.teamviewer.com .

Steps to start Teamviewer software:

​Download Teamviewer 

How to Install Teamviewer

After downloading TeamViewer follow the next instructions for installation

​1- Run the setup file you have downloaded previously

2- Select Basic Installation.

3- Select Personal / Non-commercial use.

​4- Click Accept – finish to start the installation.

5- Send us your Teamviewer ID and Password so we can support you.

6- Disable your Windows Sleep mode .


7- Plug Lapotop Charger .


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