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[2023] JCB SERVICEMASTER 4 v23.1.0 [01.2023] – JCB Diagnostic Software

JCB SERVICEMASTER 4 v23.1.0 [01.2023] – JCB Diagnostic Software

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Why Use ServiceMaster?
JCB machines use the latest developments in electronic management of machine systems. This means that machine systems such as service hydraulics, engine, transmission and steering are controlled using electronic control units (ECUs).
The ECUs process inputs from electrical sensors and then output signals to electrical actuators on the applicable devices. The ECUs are also connected to the machine CANbus electronic communication system.

Fault Finding
Faults with ECU controlled systems can be difficult or impossible to trace using traditional methods.
In addition to the primary function of machine control the ECUs are also able to detect possible faults with sensors and actuators. The faults are `logged’ using a code system.
Use ServiceMaster to see and understand these codes.
In addition ServiceMaster has direct links to relevant onscreen help information about relevant devices. This information is designed to help you identify, test, and if applicable, remove and replace devices.

Identify Poor Maintenance
System faults that are present, or have happened in the past can be seen. This is not only useful when fault finding but can also identify poor standards of maintenance. For example a log showing a history of water in fuel detected.
Use ServiceMaster to see and understand these logs.

Access Machine Set Up Data
Machine parameters such as tyre sizes, gear shift points and engine injector calibration codes are all stored and used by the relevant control ECU’s. During the life of the machine it will be necessary to change some of theseparameters. Without the correct data the machine will not operate correctly.
This can only be done with ServiceMaster.

Re-Programming ECUs
The ECU’s use pre-loaded data to compute responses to inputs from sensors. If an ECU is replaced the correct data files must be programmed (`flashed’) into the ECU memory.
New data files may also be issued by JCB Service to improve machine operation. This will also require the ECU to be re-programmed.
This can only be done with ServiceMaster.

With the latest ServiceMaster software loaded on your laptop and you can:
– Fault find
– For fast, effective fault finding.
– Check maintenance standards
– See if the machine has been abused.
– View and change machine set up data
– This can only be done with ServiceMaster.
– Flash ECUs with the correct data files
– This can only be done with ServiceMaster.


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