Build your own Diagnostic Diesel Laptop for Trucks , Engines, Heavy Construction machines & Vehicles.

International DLB 2018 Diamond Logic Builder 2018

Navistar / International DLB 2018 Diamond Logic Builder 2018

DLB Fleet is used to diagnose the electrical system on The Industry’s First High Performance Trucks.

The Industry’s First High Performance Trucks have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities. To properly diagnosis these failures, please follow the instructions outlined in this and other Internationals manuals. The DLB Fleet software provides the capabilities to:

1) Read and display numerous vehicle parameters in both graphical and textual format.
2) Read and display vehicle diagnostic trouble codes.
3) Read and display electronic system controller ID information.
4) Provide detailed diagnostic information on specific trouble code service.
5) Provide snapshots.
6) Provide a mechanism to play back snapshot recordings.


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