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Hitachi Construction Machinery MaintenancePRO MPDr Ver 3.0

Hitachi Construction Machinery MaintenancePRO MPDr Ver 3.0

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The program Hitachi Construction MaintenancePRO MPDr (JD Edition) Ver is intended for diagnostics of construction. Also, the program is diagnoses with the engine, hydraulic system and bodywork. In addition to diagnostics, the program is designed to read and erase errors, change the basic values of the engine speed, exhaust valve pressure, current parameters and much more. On our site only diagnostic software without an adapter is provided.

You can set or check the next parameters:
– the operation of the engine
– the settings of the control of the machine
– the settings of the monitor
– change or check the settings of the information controller and communication terminal
– change or check the settings of others function

MaintenancePRO MPDr has the following functions:
1. Monitoring System. This system allows dealers to monitor information about hydraulic pressure, Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Actual Engine speed, etc., that is sent from sensors or switches.
2. Troubleshooting function. This system allows dealers to check failure codes occurring in the electric system. If any error code occurs, the system will display the error code, the meaning of the error code and the necessary corrective action.

This information is sent from sensors or switches to the monitor for further diagnostics. All these functions help the service master and owner check the fault codes that occur in the electrical system. If errors occur, the program displays the error code, the error value and offers the necessary corrective actions.

Compatible Models:
Hydraulic Excavator (6 ton-under 40 ton)
EX-3 or earlier
ZX-1 (C-series)
ZX-3 (D-series)
ZX-5 (G-series)
ZX-6 (G-series)

Mini Excavator (Under 6ton)

Mining Excavator (over 100 ton)

Dump Truck
Rigid dump (AC2)
Rigid dump (AC-3)
Rigid dump (EH-3, EH-5)

Wheel type hydraulic excavator
ZXW-6 (G-series)
ZXW-5 (G-series)
ZXW-3 (D-series)
ZXW-1 (C-series)
EXW-3 or earlier

Large excavator (40ton-under 100 ton)
ZX-6 (G-series)
ZX-5 (G-series)
ZX-3 (D-series)
ZX-1 (C-series)
EX-3 or earlier



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